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About Our Name

The Red Ring (from J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings)
One of the Three Rings of the Elves, called the Red Ring and the Ring of Fire; it was originally borne by Círdan the Shipwright, but he gave it to Gandalf on his arrival in Middle-earth.

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Who We Are

Red Ring Software was founded to provide custom software and consulting services to the PC community. Today, Red Ring Software, headquartered in Derry, New Hampshire, markets and supports a full range of consulting services including: customizing Access databases, installation and troubleshooting of hardware, and custom consulting services. Red Ring can customize a solution to any data processing, accounting, or imaging problem your company may be facing. The staff at Red Ring understands the need for a concise, integrated software solution that maximizes productivity.

One of the hallmarks of a reputable software firm is maintenance. Red Ring not only produces its own products, we support them in-house. Our commitment to support is reflected by our steadily growing customer list that includes Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, and small companies. Red Ring Software is also committed to providing updates to our software to reflect both changes in your business and the evolution of new technology. Any update we release is targeted to utilize your existing hardware for its maximum operating capabilities.

Unlike most computer companies, our staff has a varied background in both business and computers. Red Ring Software realizes that your needs are more than hiring a software firm that understands computers, you also need a company that can translate the data flow of your business into an easily utilized computer system. Efficiency is the best investment any company can ever make. We can provide you with the tools to maximize your investment in your software and hardware.

Red Ring Software is dedicated to fostering a close relationship with our clients to insure their satisfaction and productivity.

Biographies of Principals
in the Company

Ted Farm:
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Ted Farm is responsible for the company's overall administration, strategic and financial planning and management, strategic alliances, technology licensing and transactional work. He has held various Senior Management positions in Marketing, Sales, and Engineering at Xerox, Diablo Systems, Ricoh, and Intelligent Optics Corporation, and has extensive experience in document imaging applications, technology licensing, intellectual property protection, corporate structure and organization.

Richard Bergeron:
Director of Product Development, Founder

Richard Bergeron is responsible for managing the company's software development projects and overall corporate and product communications. His experience spans 23 years of High Level language programming including 19 years of C programming and 14 years of MS Windows. He also has extensive connectivity experience between different operating systems and customized software projects. Richard holds two US. patents: one granted in 1986 for the Call Interceptor and another granted in 1989 for the Portable Communication Terminal.

Dominic Iadonisi:
Director of Sales and Marketing

Dominic Iadonisi is responsible for the company's sales and marketing support, strategy and planning. He has extensive experience in Customer Service, Marketing and Technical Sales. He currently is supporting several projects integrating equipment across several major switching vendors in integrating OEM agreements for product line enhancements. He has extensive multi-vendor network switching knowledge and has held various senior support and sales positions with Enterasys Networks, Nortel Networks and Lucent Technologies.

Mark DiMartino:
Executive Account Manager

Mark DiMartino is responsible for overseeing the company's accounts and will also assist in the marketing/sales activities, including channel management. His extensive business experience includes 9 years of manufacturing document management. While serving as an Engineering Specialist for Textron Defense systems, his charter included all documents management operations, corporate planning, and strategic accounts relations.

Corporate History

Red Ring Software originated from Information Office System (IOS), a consortium of experts in the field of data and image processing systems, which was founded in 1980 by Gordon Richardson.

IOS was a software development corporation, specializing in the design of custom database systems for record management environments. Gordon Richardson retired IOS whose employees founded ACI to expand its services. These services cover the document intensive public utilities, medical, and freight forwarding markets, along with archival broadcasting markets.

Some of the companies serviced by these employees were NBC, Scanwell, and Hogan Tire.

Red Ring's current customer list includes Portland Water District, Hampstead Hospital, DM Solutions, and DJ Wholesale.