Some of these downloads are trial versions of our software and some are provided as a convenience to our customers. Please help yourself to any of these programs but please only download them if they are useful to you.

Time Is Money

Time Is Money is the Best Kept Secret to Making Project Time Tracking Easier, Faster and More Accurate. It's the easiest, fastest and leanest time tracking software ever made!

Time Is Money lets you take control of the chaos. Its ease of use and quick data entry promotes best practices. This ensures that tasks are entered quickly and the highest priority tasks get the attention they deserve. With less time spent manually managing the paper flow, you can focus on other issues like measuring performance and arranging task priorities. Time Is Money provides over a dozen reports that allow you to analyze your activities and improve them. More information

Database Repair Utility

While it might be rare that your data may become corrupted, we are providing this utility in case it does. Please see our FAQ (question 3) for more details.

CodeReporter Report Editor

This is the same utility we use to create reports for Time Is Money. While Time Is Money does not support any other reports than it came with, you can use this utility to change the existing reports. PLEASE NOTE that this utility is very difficult to use and understand. We would be happy to customize the current reports for a small fee. Please contact us for more information. Please give a detailed description of the changes you want.

Access Database Reports for Time Is Money

If you have Microsoft Access Database, use this download to print and customize the Time Is Money reports. The reports in this Access Database are the same as the CodeReporter reports that come with Time Is Money. If you want to customize or change the reports and do not want to use the CodeReporter utility above, download this Access Database and change it as much as you want.

FREE Boards Program

Boards by Red Ring Software is distributed free of charge. Copyright is retained by Red Ring Software.

It allows teachers to keep track of classes and seminars that have been taken toward certification. You can group them by area of expertise, keep track of hours per area and total hours.