Frequently Asked Questions

Version 1.0 Known Bugs

1. Import from Win 3.1 files does not work. Please call or email us and we will try to convert your data for you.

2. Do not uninstall the evaluation version. This will cause your data files to be removed. If you purchase Time Is Money and want to install the program, just install over the previous version - your data files will be preserved.


- Why does Time Is Money sometimes start up minimized?
- I can't Punch Out using the 'Punch Out' button.
- I am getting CORRUPT Files
- How can I change the reports?
- Another way to do custom reports with Microsoft Access
- I have trouble printing reports in Time Is Money
- I don't like or don't want to use PayPal
- I need to email my Time Is Money reports
- Is there any way of adjusting the date format for other countries?
- Is there any way to output a report to a PDF for saving or emailing?
- I purchased Time Is Money. How do I get and install my free upgrade?
- How do I backup my data?
- I am getting a Windows error during install. What's up?
- How do I sync Time Is Money Online with the Windows Application?
- How do I transfer my data from one computer to another?
- Tip for exporting data.

1. Why does Time Is Money sometimes start up minimized?
This is normal behavior. As the program exits, it saves all position settings including whether or not it was minimized. So what must have happened is that last time you closed the application it was still minimized.

2. I can't Punch Out using the 'Punch Out' button.
This is normal behavior. The Punch Out button and all punch outs, for that matter, work based on the resolution selected. Time Is Money rounds all times using the selected resolution. If you enter a very short timeslot the program would not be able to detect that you punched out. For example, you have 30 minute resolution set and punch in at 5:00. Then you punch out at 5:10. The program would not be able to detect the punch out. The solution to this is to set the resolution as close as possible to the smallest timeslot you will enter.

3. CORRUPT Files: If you are getting a -200 error when opening Time Is Money then this tip may help you. The rest of the message will say "Database corruption" and give the name of the file. Typically this is the timeslot file since it's always open. Here are the steps to fix the problem:
  1. Get the dbfix file and unzip it into the Time Is Money directory.
  2. Run dbfix.exe and open the corrupted file with the File/Open menu pick.
  3. Select the Analysis menu item and select the Diagnostics pick.
  4. Look for the Number of Records section. The "From File Header" number should match the "From DOS" number. If not, then make them the same by entering the correct number or using the up/down arrows.
  5. The only other thing on this screen that could be wrong is the File Type (the first thing on the dialog). This should be set to "DBF with FPT memo (FoxPro)". If this is not the File Type, select the correct one.
  6. Click on Ok and exit the program.
  7. Run the Database Manager and press the Reindex button. If Database Manager cannot open the files, send them to us. We will look at them and try to fix them.
4. Don't like the reports we give you? We can give you the program we use to generate reports. You can only modify the reports we give you because the program cannot determine if a new reports exists. But if you just want to change a header or move some fields around - give it a try.
  • Use our contact form to ask for CodeReporter. TO USE: Reports have a ".rep" extension and are in the directory that Time Is Money is installed. DO NOT edit any reports named *data.rep (such as dmdata.rep).
5. Want to use Time Is Money files with Microsoft Access to create custom reports? Follow these steps:
  • Make sure Access can import Microsoft FoxPro tables. To check this, run Access and then select the File/Get External Data/Link Tables menu. Then drop down the list marked 'Files of Type' in the dialog that appears. If Microsoft Fox Pro is not on that list, you need to run Access Setup and install the import filter for Fox Pro.
  • Once you can import Fox Pro tables, select the File/Get External Data/Link Tables menu again. Make sure Microsoft Fox Pro is selected in the 'Files of Type' drop down. Then navigate to c:\Program Files\Red Ring Software\Time Is Money. If you selected another directory at installation or exported the files to another directory, select that one.
  • Select the category.dbf file and press the Link button. Access will then ask for the index file. Select the category.cdx file and press the Select button. Access will then ask if there are other indexes, select the Close button.
  • Access will then display all the indexes in the file. Select the BY_ID index.
  • Repeat the steps for project.dbf, timeslot.dbf, and users.dbf. After you are done, press the close button.
  • You now have the Time Is Money tables linked to Access and they can be treated like any other Access tables.
  • How are the tables linked together?
    • timeslot is the main table.
    • timeslot is linked to the project table like this: timeslot.projectid ->
    • timeslot is linked to the category file like this: timeslot.categoryid ->
    • timeslot is linked to the users file like this: timeslot.userid ->
    • use the above information to create the correct joins if you want information from all of the tables.
  • The record with the highest ID number is special. It contains internal information for keeping track of the table's version and the sequence number for the ID field. Do not change or delete this record. Filter this record out when creating queries.
  • Field information:
    • The PIDATE & PITIME fields are the punch in information. Time is in 24 hour format.
    • The PODATE & POTIME fields are the punch out information. Time is in 24 hour format.
    • The Hours field should not be used, use the Minutes field instead, it is more accurate. This field contains the pre-calcualted duration of the timeslot. You do not need to subtract the time values, it is already done here.
  • Contact us via email if you have more questions.
6. Trouble printing reports in Time Is Money
Please check if there is something selected in the Output section of the report dialog. When you print a report, this dialog asks a few questions about the printout. If nothing is selected in the output box, the program will not print. You can also double check that 'printer' is selected as the output. The Print button will be enabled for printer output and not for clipboard output.

7. I don't like or don't want to use PayPal.
Contact us if you are having difficulty using PayPal or want to use a different online credit card fulfillment company. Some customers have requested that we use a different credit card company because they either can't or do not like to use PayPal. We will tell you how to order using another company called DigiBuy when you contact us.

8. I need to email my Time Is Money reports.
You can easily generate report output formatted for email. When you generate a report,
  • select 'clipboard' as the output
  • print the report normally
  • in your favorite email client, create a new email and paste the report output into the body of the email
  • reformat if necessary and send the email
Unfortunately, we do not currently have direct to email capability but plan on adding that to a future version of Time Is Money.

--- If you need to email actual data to someone, export the range of timeslots to TIM Online format and email the resulting file. The receiver can then import the file into Time Is Money.

9. Changing date format in Time Is Money.
The program uses the regional setting to determine the date format. This feature was implemented in version 1.9.5, so if you have an earlier copy, please download the latest from:
Red Ring Download Page

We do not use the selected date format for certain parts of the program such as forms. This will be fixed in a future revision. However, it should use the regional setting in reports and any other output.

If you don't already know, you can change the regional settings by going to the control panel and clicking on the 'Regional Settings' icon. It was called 'International settings' in older versions of Windows.

10. Printing reports as PDF.
Just a suggestion, but you can get a free printer driver that allows you to 'print' to a PDF file. You can then print or email the PDF. You can try it out at

11. I purchased Time Is Money. How do I get and install my free upgrade?
All paid users get free upgrades. Look in the Help/About menu in the program to determine your current version. First, download the latest program. After unzipping the files into a temporary location, run setup.exe to install the program. Just install this version over your old one. Your unlock code will still be valid. Make sure you backup your data before upgrading.

12. How do I backup my data?
For versions before 1.9.8:
Go to the View/Preferences menu and select the Backup tab. Check the Enable Backup item and enter a path to copy the data to.

The next time you close the application, your data will be automatically backed up.

For versions 1.9.8 or greater:
  • Go to the Action menu then select Manage Database Sets.
  • You should only have a single data set. Select which one you want to change and press the Modify button.
  • Enter a Path for Backup Files.
  • Modify the Path for Data Files if that one is invalid. Save and you should be all set.
You can also use the export functions as a type of backup. Look under the File menu for the Export menu items and follow the directions.

13. I am getting a Windows error during install. What's up?
You may get an error like below:
c:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt the system file is not suitable for running ms-dos & windows apps, choose close to terminate the application

Although Time Is Money is a 32-bit application, the install program is 16-bit. You might have some missing or corrupted files.

Please check out these Microsoft articles:

Windows 2000:;en-us;305521

Windows XP:;en-us;324767

14. How do I sync Time Is Money Online with the Windows Application?
Synchronizing Time Is Money Online with the Windows Application involves these steps.
  1. In the Time Is Money Online application select Export.
  2. Fill in the information and press the 'Export' button. Your timeslot information will be created on your local computer.
  3. In the Windows application select File/Import From Tim Online.
  4. Enter the name of the file just downloaded and press OK.
Your categories and projects will be copied as well as timeslot information. If they do not exist in the WIndows application, they will be created. Importing into Time Is Money Online is not supported at this time.

15. How do I transfer my data from one computer to another?
Transferring Time Is Money data involves these steps.
  1. To copy the original files:
    1. Go to the folder the files are in - usually C:\Program Files\Red Ring Software\Time Is Money
    2. Copy all files with extension .dbf, .cdx and .fpt
    3. Put all those files in the new system
    4. Create a new data set and point it to the new folder.
  2. Another option would be to export as TIM Online. This will create one large file.

16. Tip for exporting data.
Make sure that the File Name field in the Export dialog is unique.

The File Name field specifies the folder to write the set of export files to. The default selection is usually the same as your original data files. Or you can uncheck the "Always overwrite old files" option.