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We guarantee your satisfaction with Time Is Money. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, contact us for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase - no questions asked.

On all orders, we will send you an unlock code by email - so make sure we get your correct email address.

Time Is Money for Windows

  • One free year subscription to Time Is Money Online service
  • Two bonus programs
  • Free upgrades of future minor releases (e.g. 1.9 to 1.10).
  • Full license to use the software beyond 30 days
  • Priority Support
  • Unlock code sent immediately by email

$400 value

Buy Time Is Money
NEW! Lower
multi-license pricing!

Number of licenses:
1$35 each
2-4$31.50 each
5-9$28.00 each
10+$24.50 each

CD option
   No CD
   Include CD *
* for CD, $10.00 will be added for shipping and handling

Name to use for Unlock Code
The unlock code is based on your name and the serial number. The name from your credit card is normally used.

Enter another name to use for the unlock code (such as a company name) if you don't want to use your credit card name for the unlock code.

Leave blank to use your credit card name for the unlock code.

Discount Coupon Code

    Free subscription with order. Send me information about how to take advantage of the free one year subscription to the Time Is Money Online Service

Expense Module for Time Is Money for Windows

  • Track expenses easily
  • New expense report
  • Free upgrades of future releases.
Buy Time Is Money Expense Module
Number of licenses:
Only $9.99 each

Time Is Money Online Service

  • One year of our online service
  • Automatic upgrades of future releases
  • Priority Support
  • Unlimited users
  • Three levels of security
  • Integration with Time Is Money for Windows
  • Access anytime and anywhere - just use your browser
Buy Time Is Money Online Service
Subscription Cost:
$30/month - $360/year
2 free months for yearly subscription
for a final cost of $300

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Payment Method

Payment Method
  PayPal: Credit Card or Instant Transfer
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Secure Credit Card Ordering

We use PayPal to fulfill credit card orders.

PayPal allows you to order online quickly and easily. Just fill in your information on their secure site. PayPal now accepts payments without requiring that you create a PayPal account.

Contact us if you are having difficulty using PayPal or want to use a different online credit card fulfillment company.

On all orders of Time Is Money for Windows paid with PayPal, we will automatically send you an unlock code by email - so make sure we get your email address. We will automatically send you a serial number and unlock code for the first license and will later send you serial numbers and unlock codes for the remainder of licenses purchased. For example, if 10 licenses are purchased, you will soon receive an email with 10 serial numbers and unlock codes.

For orders with CD, we will send 1 copy and you must duplicate the CD if necessary. If you need us to duplicate the CD, contact us directly for more information.

We occasionally offer special discounts. If you have a coupon code from one of those offers, enter it in the Coupon field, otherwise leave it blank.

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Online/Web Version

If you wish to take advantage of the free year of online service, check the 'Send me information...' box on the order form or use the contact form after you have ordered to send us a request to create your account. You can then create timeslots from any web browser, export them to the stand-alone program and print reports or manage your data however you wish. Multiple users can access the web version at any time of the day or night.

Thank you for supporting
Red Ring Software

If you have any questions or comments, or if you do not receive the purchased product after having placed a credit card order, please contact Red Ring Software using our Contact Form and do not call PayPal. They are only acting as an agent to take credit card orders for us. It is our responsibility to get the product to you. Thank you.

Also note that it can take several days before you actually receive the CD if you ordered it. Please take this into account if you are on a deadline. You will always get an unlock code by email no matter how you order.

Site licenses

A site license for Time Is Money entitles an organization to receive one copy of the distribution package and to duplicate the distribution disks for the specified number of copies. The above table describes the discount for quantity or site licenses. Our ordering software will automatically calculate the discount.

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