Why you need Time Is Money

Whether you are looking for a time management solution for your personal use or for your entire organization, here is why we believe that Time Is Money is your best choice.

All-In-One, Simple Display

Everything is displayed on one single screen. No guessing how much time has elapsed or what hours you worked this week. It's all in front of you. The program opens to a clear and intuitive screen that includes a calendar, two different views of your timeslot information and a list of daily and weekly time accumulated. It's all there! Too simple, isn't it?

Even though our display is extremely simple to use, we have an option where you can make it even simpler by minimizing complexity down to a single button - for punching in and out.

Stand-alone and Multi-user in One Package

Time Is Money is designed to be used both stand-alone and multi-user. Collaborative and workgroup features allow the same product to grow with your needs.

Both the boss and workers can use the same data at the same time. As one person makes changes, the other can see them. Filtering by user name allows for discretion. Only the boss/administrator can see all user's data and create reports from it.

We Care

We provide Time Is Money users (even when still evaluating the product) with free technical support, via phone, email or our web site. We have an extensive list of FAQs so that you can find an answer to your problem with minimal effort. We respond very quickly to email correspondence with an answer to your question or problem.

Easy To Use

Time Is Money has an intuitive interface that allows for a quick start. Entering timeslot information, categories or projects are quick and easy. You can even add a new project or category as you are punching in! Time Is Money is great for Power Users and Beginners alike.

There are two different views for two different perspectives on the data. There is the appointment-like view with a graphical display of how much time has been used and a list view for you number crunchers out there.

YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO USE IT - You've double clicked to select items all your life, well, at least ever since you've owned a computer. So you know how to create timeslots, print reports and select a different date. You know everything about how to use Time Is Money and you haven't even downloaded it yet. Isn't that great?

If you do not want to deal with our simple display, we have an option where you can minimize complexity down to a single button - for punching in and out.

Time Is Money can even handle the little things for you such as backing up live data files while they are still in use by others.

Works and Plays Well With Others

You can print reports to the printer or to the clipboard. From the clipboard, you can paste the data into any other Windows application. You can then format it to fit your needs. Although our reports allow some customization, you may find it is not enough. Simply print a report to the clipboard and paste it into your favorite word processor. Some other programs may have tight integration with other applications, but this limits you to those applications. With Time Is Money, you are free to choose.

We do plan on adding tight integration where it makes sense, for example, QuickBooks Pro Time Tracking feature. Other applications may follow if requested.

Efficient Design and File Storage

The full program is fast to start up, easy to use, and does not pollute your hard drive with lots of files scattered about. All Time Is Money files are in one directory - with the exception of the data. You can actually choose where the data goes, although initially it is placed in the same directory as the program. Time Is Money uses some space in the registry for user settings and other useful information, but that is very minimal.

Time Is Money uses the FoxPro data format, which is very efficient. The actual data files are very small. As a bonus when purchased, you get a utility to manage these files to make them even more efficient.

Upgrade Policies and Practices

If you purchase a 1.x version of Time Is Money, then all updates within the 1.x series are downloadable for no additional charge and will just automatically work when installed. We notify all current owners when a 1.x release is made so that they can get a full version for free. This includes newer versions of the bonus utilities, if any. When a 2.x version of Time Is Money is released, current owners will also qualify for a significant discount.

Powerful Filtering and Report Options

Time Is Money has a sophisticated filtering feature available when printing reports. Data can be filtered by category, project, user and/or date range. There are 6 standard reports. Each is designed for different time reporting needs. All of these reports can be output to the clipboard for fast, easy transport to any other Windows application.

Reports can be customized to some extent using our Memorize Report feature. Since all aspects of the report are memorized, this allows a simple two click access to a report and it's associated filter.

Free and Full Evaluation

Anyone can download Time Is Money and begin using it immediately. There are no missing features, nor are there functions disabled. We want you to experience the full power of Time Is Money for yourself, on your own PC or on your Network, before you make your purchase decision. This way you can have a true evaluation of how Time Is Money can help you track your time.

Time Is Money is sold only as a try-before-you-buy software program. If you like it, you can buy it. If you don't like it, it is easy to uninstall and it didn't cost you any money to try it out.

Price and Value

Time Is Money is only available on the Internet sold direct to you from our web site. Besides the easy updates and the free and full evaluations, this allows us to put a price on Time Is Money that is much less than other programs of comparable features.

To purchase Time Is Money for your business, we also have a site license schedule that make owning multiple copies of Time Is Money very reasonable.

We believe you will agree Time Is Money is the best time tracking program you can buy.

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