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Report Options

Reports can be printed to the printer or the screen. Data can be filtered by date range, project, and category. These parameters can be memorized and named for easy access to this type of report the next time you need it.

Time Is Money Screenshot, report options

Main Screen

This is the main screen where punching in and out is done. The upper panel shows the timeslots in a standard appointment style and the lower panel shows the timeslots in a list style. The right hand section displays the calendar and hourly information. Double click on the calendar to change the working date. Reports and other useful functions can be accessed from here as well.

Time Is Money Screenshot, main screen

Timeslot Entry Screen

This is the form for entering the timeslot options. Select the project, category and user associated with this timeslot. Notice that the punchin time is entered for you and you can select the punchout time as either a time or duration.

Time Is Money Screenshot, timeslot entry screen


Time Is Money Description ]

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