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 Add another level entitled "company" so that projects and categories can be used more efficiently and it would be easier to run reports for everything under one company or customer.  27 votes
 Can specify which categories go with which projects. When select a project, the category list only shows the categories for that project. If no categories are specified for the project, then all will show.  12 votes (implemented)
 Add a option to use a system tray icon instead of the small window. Give it the same functionality as the small window.  11 votes (implemented)
 Weekly view of timeslots.  8 votes (implemented)
 Add a "PDA Version" to time-is-money. The version on the PDA (PalmOne and PocketPC) need to be able to synchronize with the desktop version. This would be very helpful if you on the road_ with a client or in Project meetings where more then one projec  8 votes
 Set some projects up to default to "billable" and others to "non-billable." That way, I wouldn't have to remember to uncheck the billable box every time I select one of my unbillable project names/codes.  7 votes (implemented)
 Allow longer strings for the project names and other things.  7 votes (implemented)
 Support multiple databases.  7 votes (implemented)
 CSV ascii export of reports  7 votes
 Create new project based on existing one.  6 votes (implemented)
 Could you put a “Print” button on the Print Preview screen so you don’t have to perform this choice twice.  6 votes (implemented)
 Add expense recording capability. Categories should at minimum be_ Mileage, Meals, Hotel, Travel, Per-diem, Misc. This should have a separate Billable/Non-Billable selection.  5 votes (implemented)
 Add a "take a break" button to the punch in window to save time selecting options when you punch out/in for short periods and don't need to change project etc.  4 votes
 True network version with database on a server and the program running on a user's PC. Multiple users can access the data at the same time.  4 votes
 Provide faster ways (less mouse clicks) to punch in. For example, in Punch In/Modify dialog, change "Project" and "Category" combo boxes to list boxes (or make it a configurable option). That way, would only need two clicks to punch in instead of 4.  3 votes
 The auto-backup feature overwrites the last backup each time. It would be nice if it kept, say the last 10 backups. Thay way if the last backup was corrupt, you could go to the previous, and so on.  3 votes
 Allow categories to be set as "Billable" or "Non-Billable" to override the Project settings so that some work can be set as non-billable within a project without manual intervention.  3 votes
 an add-in to allow time recording on a mobile phone e.g. symbian (nokia 6600 etc) or microsoft smartphone software and subsequent transfer of the information back to desktop version. Reporting features not necessary just the synchronisation of projects,  3 votes
 Previous versions allowed you to sort the main window by project, handy when trying to group projects together.  3 votes
 Clone (duplicate)a time entry, then edit time/date etc.  2 votes
 Configurable color for a project. This would change the highlight color to the color selected.  2 votes
 In some countries the date is written – dd-mm-yyyy so 1-5-2004 is May 1st 2004 and not Jan 5th 2004 like in America.  2 votes (implemented)
 At the invoice report, the final amount results (time * rate) add up. Could the hours also add up? In this way, the invoice will have the total amounts and the total hours.  2 votes
 Use cascading context menus to select Project and then Category, avoiding Punch In dialog altogether. (This suggestion was part of "Provide Faster Ways To Punch" in, but the website truncated it.)  2 votes
 When you select an entry in bottom listbox, highlight same entry in calendar pane.  2 votes
 have it remind me when a companies bills get to a certain price example ( I'm able to control when my client has reached $200.00 or 30 hours and it sends me a reminder to bill them )   2 votes
 If add feature for categories to be associated with projects, also allow a default category for the project. And allow no categories to be associated with a project - not 'all' as suggested. Or have both options.  2 votes
 Purge all records that are marked "invoiced" or "paid".  2 votes (implemented)
 Just downloaded the evaluation copy and like it so far and also agree with most of the suggestions. I'm wanting to track time by client,project/task for a software development/production team. It would be very handy to be able to right click on the punch  2 votes
 Alternative to a customer level: The ability to be able to pick more than one project when running reports. That way you could manually group projects for a customer to show up on one report.  1 vote
 Make entering time easier_ I often have to recreate my day from written and recorded notes and the time entering interface is very awkward. I'd suggest a clock face interface.  1 vote
 Create a link under "file" to click to backup to another area (ie disk) to save all info other than auto back at end of each session. It will provide a safe disk otherthan on the computer for all time sheets.  1 vote (implemented)
 Add a SmartPhone version to time-is-money. The instance on the SmartPhone (Symbian 9.x UIQ3, e. g. SE P1i) needs to be able to synchronise with an enterprise version in a secure manner, e. g. using HTTPS, Secure Shell (SSH) or RSYNC over SSH. Like the PDA  1 vote
 option to download reports or invoice to quickbooks  1 vote
 Make it easy to copy an item & then change the times. I spend an hour in the AM in an activity with the same Category, Project & Memo line as an hour I spend later in the day, but (unless I'm mistaken about this) I have to re-enter all those details. Tha  1 vote
 Using PayPal you are losing customers from some countries. I tried to buy TIM but PayPal does not verify credit cards issued in Russia.  1 vote (implemented)
 It would be great if when you punched in, and set the time to sooner than now (because you started a task and realized 20 minutes later you didn't punch in) that the system didn't automatically punch you out.  1 vote (implemented)
 Add an option setting so it does not automaticaly starts when windows starts.  1 vote
 Link Punch-in and Punch-out buttons Log with Function Keys.  1 vote
 Add a task section so I don't need to go between 2 different software programs.  1 vote
 Get away from the FoxPro database and move to MySQL.  1 vote
 Minimize TIM to Tray (with Escape Key).  1 vote
 Add an item to the right click menu (when minimized on the task bar) to Punch In or Punch Out.  1 vote (implemented)
 I'm using two monitors and the 'Punch In Now'-Dialog is placed to the lower edge of the second monitor - but every time TIM is starting (even the bigger dialog is going minimized) the 'Punch In Now'-dialog is in the middle of the first monitor.   1 vote
 Allow prompt to "go back and Punch Out" when closing application to be set as an option.  1 vote
 In Report windows, modify "Period" to include "This Month" and "Last Month". This would allow for easier creation of timesheet/invoice in month following month when work took place.  1 vote
 Enable the ability to sort on any column by clicking on column header, as is common in most windows columnar displays (date, times, project , category, etc.)  1 vote
 Add billable expenses to the Invoice.  1 vote
 Get rid of the Modify pop up window. All the information for modyfying a task could be easily accomodated below the montlhy summary data view.   1 vote
 Allow project to specify a 'factor' for the category rate. There are two components to the 'factor', one is a multiply and the other is an addition. For example, I can have my base category rate be $10.00 but a project would multiply by 2.0 and add 5.  1 vote