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Stop trusting your memory - it wasn't meant to keep track of time...

"Remember that time is money"
- Benjamin Franklin 1748, Advice to a Young Tradesman

"Time Is Money is the easiest, fastest and most accurate time tracking software available!"

It's true. Time Is Money is so easy to use, anyone can start using it within minutes.


Some users complain about the complexity of other time tracking software. They say, "I just want to enter my time and a small note about what I did". With Time Is Money, it's that simple - just enter your time, a small note and you're done. That's why we put a lot of effort into making Time Is Money the easiest time tracker to use.

Ease of Use Features

  • Initial settings designed for the most popular uses of Time Is Money yet flexible enough for any type of user
  • Ready to use. Punch in and create a project and category as you use the program
  • Helpful tutorial and help system with detailed information on how to setup and use Time Is Money
  • Entry and management of projects, categories and users are in a simple to use form with programmable initial values for some parameters
  • Configuration is done through a tabbed form with an easy to understand grouping of settings.
... Well lets put it this way, its perfect its easy to use and works like a charm. I would highly recommend this program.
Best regards
Luke Poulin


We have a unique way of entering your time information that is so quick you won't believe it. If you want, you can punch in or punch out with one click. Time Is Money loads quickly and runs fast because of low overhead and resource usage.

Speed Features

  • Double click on a time and enter a few pieces of information.
  • Quick access buttons for changing the calendar to today, tomorrow or yesterday
  • Can be configured to automatically fill in most values for a timeslot
  • System tray icon with quick access to the most used features
  • Fast loading, lightweight application
I really like that it sits in the corner by the system tray...that helps remind me to log in. ...


Lost time is not a problem any more. Not only is Time Is Money more accurate, but you will be more inclined to enter your information because it's so easy to use.

Accuracy Features

  • Enter times down to the minute
  • Programmable parts of reports can be 'memorized' for fast, accurate retrieval
  • Enter/update the timeslot description at any time, especially immediately after the task is done so that you remember the details of what was done. Add or delete any details or notes as needed and remembered.
  • Full and automatic backup capability - never lose data again
  • Records are kept in electronic form - no more paper slips to get lost, no more notes with coffee on them, no more forgetting how long you spent on a project.
"I have run Time Is Money for a few weeks, I had never realized just how much time accumulates on the various "quick" interuptions to my regular tasks. I am now able to defend my position with my boss as to where all my time goes to.
Keep up the good work, I look forward to future releases."
~~~ Neil Parry
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Professional Level Features at a
Basic Level Price

Create multiple project timeslots with these features:
  • Dual View - the top panel has a traditional appointment style view with highlighted timeslots. The lower panel has a list of timeslots with start time, end time, and description. Either view is available to punch in or out and execute other commands.
  • Punch Out, Then In - if you typically hop from project to project, you'll like this feature. You can punch out of the present project and immediately punch back in and change the project information.
  • Two ways to describe the timeslot range - enter a start time and an end time or enter a start time and a duration.
  • One stop timeslot - at the time you punch in, you can enter all information about a timeslot - even the end time. Entering the end time punches you out as you punch in!
  • Comprehensive Reports - fast access to data in the format you need.
  • Punch Out Now Window - a small, unobtrusive window can be displayed for punching in and out.
  • Timer - timeslots are entered manually but there is a built in timer to track your time automatically.
  • Shared Data - your data can be shared on a network without requiring any expensive server software. Multiple users can add new timeslots even as others are working on it at the same time.
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Powerful Reports and Analysis

At the end of the day, the Time Is Money reports help you analyze how well you did in keeping within your schedule and staying on track for your daily tasks. You can determine where more effort is needed and allocate resources better. Using Time Is Money can allow you to stay ahead of possible scheduling or time wasting problems.

Time Is Money has thirteen powerful reports. All reports can be filtered to report on a range of dates and can be previewed on the screen or printed directly to a printer.
  • Dates & Memos - shows only the dates, hours and all memos associated with the timeslots on those dates.
  • Full Hourly Timesheet - shows all information about timeslots ordered by dates within the specified range. Timeslots are placed in chronological order within each date section.
  • Summary w/Percentages - shows a detailed daily accounting of all time spent by category. The daily time range and increment are set by the user in the Preferences. At the end of the report are percentages of time spent in each category.
  • Project & Category Hours - displays only projects and categories. Each category has a sum of the hours spent over the entire date range.
  • Status Sheet - displays projects and categories with memos and hours per project/category combination. Each project/category has a total of the hours spent and costs for that project/category. The report is sorted by the project/category combination.
  • TimeSheet - similar to Full Hourly Time sheet except that the memos have been removed.
  • Invoice - A general invoice with customizable company address and logo.
  • Billable Hours - Two reports. Shows billable hours, non billable hours and total hours. One report groups them by month and the other groups them by project.
  • List Reports - Three reports. Shows a detailed list of either all Categories, all Projects or all Users.
  • Cost Analysis - Shows a detailed accounting of projects and their costs.

Examples of what can be tracked with Time Is Money

Track Time    Track Work
by project or task    status tracking
by customer or location    productivity tracking
by phase    output tracking
by work order    equipment tracking
billable vs non-billable    tax credit tracking
capitalized vs non-capitalized    regulatory/compliance tracking
Labor Tracking    Support Resources
leave    admin training
overtime    support hours
other balances    support email
accruals    support phone logs


We only offer email support but we are small enough that we answer all our emails ourselves.

On our web site, there is a FAQ database that has answers to the most common questions asked but if that doesn't help, the contact form is quick and easy to use.

If you are worried that your program will become outdated, then listen to this - updates for version 1.x are free. All updates of the same major version are free of charge. So if you have version 1.9.7 now and version 1.9.8 becomes available, just download it and install it over your current program. The unlock code will still work.

A customer at Floyd, Hale, Lamb County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in Texas says "You are a Genius". He uses one of our reports when being audited by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.
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Final Notes

  • Forget about labor-intensive timesheet reports - Time Is Money is so powerful it leaves you with time to do your work and lessens the burden of keeping track of time and creating timesheet reports.
  • Easy for anyone to use - our intelligent and easy to use interface makes entering timeslot information a snap!
  • Never do the same work twice - our ability to save report data to the clipboard allows you to place your timeslot data into any electronic report or invoice format you need - eliminating copying data onto a paper report.
  • Always have the most current version - new upgrades of the same major version are free.
Many consultants, lawyers, engineers and web developers are already using Time Is Money. Anyone who must keep track of time billed to different projects will find it useful. Highly accurate billing records are kept by easily punching in and out for each project. Reports summarize all billed project time in a given time period and allow client billing using the simple invoicing feature.

We believe that after you try it, you will agree that Time Is Money is the best Time Tracking program you can buy.

Time Is Money has an intuitive interface that allows for a quick start. Entering timeslot information, categories or projects are quick and easy. You can even add a new project or category as you are punching in! Time Is Money is great for Power Users and Beginners alike.

There are two different views for two different perspectives on the data. There is the appointment-like view with a graphical display of how much time has been used and a list view for you number crunchers out there.

You already know how to use it - You've double clicked to select items all your life, well, at least ever since you've owned a computer. So you know how to create timeslots, print reports and select a different date. You know everything about how to use Time Is Money and you haven't even downloaded it yet. Isn't that great?

If you do not want to deal with our simple display, we have an option where you can minimize complexity down to a single button - for punching in and out.

More reasons why Time Is Money is right for you...

  • All-In-One, Simple Display
  • Stand-alone and Multi-user in One Package
  • We provide Time Is Money users (even when still evaluating the product) with free technical support
  • Time Is Money has an intuitive interface that allows for a quick start
  • You can print reports to the printer or to the clipboard
  • The full program is fast to start up, easy to use, and does not pollute your hard drive with lots of files scattered about
  • If you purchase a 1.x version of Time Is Money, then all updates within the 1.x series are downloadable for no additional charge and will just automatically work when installed
  • Time Is Money has a sophisticated filtering feature available when printing reports.
  • Free and Full Evaluation
  • Time Is Money is only available on the Internet sold direct to you from our web site. Free updates are as easy as downloading a file.

Data Exchange

Data can be exchanged with other programs using the import/export and the print to clipboard features. Data can be accessed by multiple people over a network as well as over the internet using the web-based version. Reports can be customized to use your header information.

Time Is Money on the Web

Time Is Money also has a Web-based Time & Project Tracking feature which comes free for a year with each purchase. Time Is Money stand-alone or web-based time tracking software allows time tracking, project tracking, leave tracking and work tracking anywhere and at any time. All this at a fraction of the cost companies pay for such powerful software.

Try web-based Time Is Money right now!. One year free subscription with purchase!

Free Trial

If you still aren't sure, try it now. You can download a free trial right now. Nothing disabled - No missing features. Download the latest version.

Dear red-ring.com:
I just want to thank you for such a wonderful program. After trying a dozen or so programs I finally found the one that fits my needs to the penny. The problem I found with all the other programs is that you could punch in and out but you couldn't edit your time or it was a big ordeal to put in jobs or categories and if your the type of person like me that does some work off the computer and have to put the time in manually, Well lets put it this way, its perfect its easy to use and works like a charm. I would highly recommend this program.
Best regards,
Luke Poulin
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When you purchase Time Is Money, you get the Time Is Money program which includes all the features and reports mentioned above. Plus you get two bonus programs!

Bonus #1 ($20 value)

You get the Data Manager program which helps you manage all the data you will collect as time goes on. This utility helps you keep your data files efficient, clean and fast.

Some features are:
  • Purge records older than a selected date
  • Check for overlapping timeslots
  • Check for timeslots with missing information
  • Remove deleted records from the files.
  • Re-index your files for speedier searching

Bonus #2 ($20 value)

You will also receive a program to view Fox Pro format files.
Features of this utility are:
  • Display the structure and indexes.
  • Navigate to and display any record
  • Print an individual record.
  • Delete an individual record
  • Remove deleted records from the file.

Bonus #3 ($360 value)

You will also receive an account on our online/web version of Time Is Money. This offer is good for one year's worth of service.

Features of this option are:
  • Enter timeslots using any web browser.
  • Export your data to the Windows program for reports and other normal functions.
  • Multiple user can access their timeslot data.
You must ask for us to create an account for you when ordering.

All three bonuses total up to a $400 value! All this and the easiest time tracking program for only $35.00! Don't wait - order now.

Order Now

We know that you will love Time Is Money! In fact, there is no risk because you have a 30 day trial period! If you don't like it, just uninstall it.
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